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Artful Mind Holistic Wellbeing Evening

Last week, Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind were proud to be involved with an event hosted by Artful Mind in White City called ‘Together we are stronger’.  

The evening, which was devoted to holistic wellbeing and mental health, was a social enterprise project with £2 of each ticket sale going to local charities – HF Mind being one of them. Some free tickets were also given to local residents of Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow to promote diversity and inclusion. 

The goal of the evening was simple: to create a dialogue to remove the stigma around mental health and well-being, and to educate on how to achieve a better work-life balance. As Artful put it – “Only you can take priority for you!” speaker mind white city mental health

In their promotion for the event, they wrote “When mental health and poor wellbeing effects 1 in 4 people every year, more needs to be done to raise the profile, but also give practical solutions that can prevent or aid recovery. 

We believe that the approach to tackling this problem needs to be holistic. Together we explore practical solutions for empowering positive mental health and wellbeing, as a complete package. Mind. Body. Soul.” 

With this in mind, the evening was divided into three segments: Mind, Body and Soul. The first focus began with a talk on mindfulness from keynote speaker Dr Julia Jones PhD, followed by a discussion on physical wellbeing frcharity evening mind hammersmith and fulhamom nutritionist and self-care expert Dr Gemma Newman GP. Madeline McQueen then gave an insightful look into confidence building, which included a number of creative therapy activities and an atmosphere of open dialogue. 

In addition to the talks, there were a number of stalls including everything from creating your own smoothie via peddle power to free self-care treatments like massages and manicures. mind charity evening artful mind

HF Mind also had a stand there to provide resources around Mental Health and signpost to local services. 

This was a great event that gave an in-depth look into how the stresses of modern life can contribute to triggering mental health problems and providing holistic and practical solutions. Many thanks to everyone who went!

Author: Tabatha Mac
Posted on: 17th March 2019

Santiago Charity Walk – An Update

Fiona and Jo are now well into their 110km trek from Sairra to Santiago de Compostela which they hope to have completed by 22 March.

The walk, which is in support of kid’s internet safety, has started off well with the making of a new friend – a large dog they met on the way!

The first full day along Camino de Santiago (also known as the famous pilgrimage of Compostela – the route leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago) started out misty before the midday sun began to shine. After 12km – and a 4km wrong turn! – through farmlands, the pair arrived at a beautiful little stone house for an overnight BnB.

The pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela cathedral (where tradition has it that the remains of the saint are buried) is one of the most famous in the world, and many follow its routes as a form of spiritual path or retreat for their spiritual growth.

Author: Tabatha Mac
Posted on: 15th March 2019

The Journey Begins

Friends of Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind, Jo and Fiona, have flown out to Spain to begin a 100k walk from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela to raise funds for a new child internet safety programme.

The project, which is part of our larger effort to help educate children and schools in preventing mental health difficulties, will look into what the effect of seeing certain images has on a young person’s sense of depression.

mental health, charity, Mind
With access to the internet and exposure to certain information and pictures becoming broader and harder to moderate, it’s important that we keep working to protect children from these risks. Pilot studies like this are essential for furthering our knowledge in this area and helping to educate others in web safety.

If you’d like to help Fiona and Jo in raising funds for this exciting new cause, please visit their page to donate any amount you’re able to. Also, don’t forget to keep up to date on their journey through our blog and Instagram feed.

Good luck Jo and Fiona!

Author: Tabatha Mac
Posted on: 14th March 2019

Thank you to Sainsbury’s for their donation

The Sainsbury’s Local on Fulham Palace Road has done a brilliant thing in raising £170.70 for us. 

Thank you so much for your efforts.

If you would like to support us, find out how here.

Author: Katherine Hall
Posted on: 17th January 2019

Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow website is live!

Welcome to our new website!

You can now find out all about us, find ways to support us and see how we can help you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to dance around the office to celebrate.

Merry Christmas!

Author: Katherine Hall
Posted on: 19th December 2018

Book now for Youth Mental Health First Aid training

Author: Katherine Hall
Posted on: 18th December 2018

Donation from the Coop

Huge thanks to the Co-op on Munster Road in Fulham for this amazing amount of money raised for Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind. It’s amazing how it all mounts up! The Co-op donates 1% of all member’s shopping to local good causes and that means £7978.84 for Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind to continue our vital work. 


Author: Katherine Hall
Posted on: 24th November 2018

Opening up about men’s mental health at work

This year on International Mens Day (19th November 2018), we ran a mental health talk at Just Group Plc to break down the stigma around men’s mental health in the workplace. We are proud to be able to share some fantastic feedback from the session.  (more…)

Author: Katherine Hall
Posted on: 22nd November 2018