Counselling Services

‘Blue light’ emergency services

Mind’s independent research shows that members of the emergency services are even more at risk of experiencing a mental health problem than the general population, but are less likely to seek support.

As part of the national Mind project, we are delivering the Blue Light Programme of counselling to provide mental health support for emergency services staff and volunteers from ambulance, fire, police and search and rescue services across West London.


Our hoarding peer group takes a therapeutic approach to supporting people to make positive changes to their living situation through practical advice. We work to empower people to improve their mental wellbeing and make informed decisions.

Find out more about our hoarding service here.


New low-cost counselling service

A new, low-cost counselling service will be running from February 2019, replacing Time to Talk. The services will continue to be provided by volunteer trainee counsellors.

It offers the following therapies:

  • Psychodynamic therapy: where we primarily focus on childhood and relationship experiences.
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy: where we focus on your thoughts and behaviours. It is commonly used to treat anxiety and depression.
  • Existential therapy: where the therapy is centred on the human condition as a whole, focusing on the physical, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions of human existence.
  • Couples counselling: where we focus on resolving your relationship issues.


Fees are dependent on your income. Sessions will be costed at £15-£25. Couples counselling is charged at £30 per session for two people.

For more information, and to make an appointment, visit the Headstrong website.

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